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Inc.com: Telling A Good Story

Hong Kong Hello

Hong Kong Hello

WorldBizWatch Video Greetings from Farland Chang & Lorraine Hahn!

Aviation: World's Best Int'l Airport

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New!Hong Kong! Asia's World City. Gateway to China. And ONE key to its Success?
The Hong Kong International Airport -- home to one of the world's best-run air cargo hubs – handling cargo non-stop, 24/7, and managing a huge flow of data among many parties within the air cargo community.
What's behind this success? A close partnership between TWO of Hong Kong's leading companies: Hactl: the world's largest single air cargo terminal operator handling the highest volume of international air cargo. And IBM: a trusted technology partner - providing high value, total solutions to its clients.

Global Sources Overview

Short HQ-34MB Chinese HQ -45MB

New! Businesses are always SEARCHING FOR a good return on their investment. And THIS is one Hong Kong-based exporter that found a good return – and much more. The company is Fujikon: it makes headphones, headsets and speakers.
20 years ago, it started advertising its products to the world - through Global Sources Today, Fujikon is one of the world's biggest suppliers. Its customers include name brands, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Fujitsu. And it sells 70 million US dollars a year.
Global Sources has helped Fujikon market to the right buyers, build its brand, and drive up sales.

IBM Supports SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses)

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New! Hong Kong – one of the world's most powerful economies – driven by small & medium businesses. SMBs make up more than 90% of all the enterprises in Hong Kong. Many of them name one global brand name as their trusted technology partner: IBM.
One big challenge for SMBs is that they have fewer resources to invest compared to the Big Boys. IBM helps SMBs apply technology, which will DRIVE change – simply, easily, and affordably.

Flextronics Corporate Overview

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Music showreel (Chinese)

New! Consumers demand the very latest in technology. And brand names must stay ahead of the curve. They must always find new ways to cut costs and focus on the high-end of the value-chain.
That's why most of them outsource to FLEXTRONICS, one of the world's top providers of EMS or electronics manufacturing service. Its core mission can be defined in four words: DESIGN. BUILD. SHIP. And SERVICE.

TV Commercials for the China Market

TV Commercials for the China Market

See our latest TV commercial productions for our brand name clients
in China. These clients represent health and beauty goods, property
developers, technology products as well as food and beverage brands.
Produced & directed by our award winning Creative Director, George Ng.

Flextronics Chennai Video 5:28

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India! One of the world’s oldest civilizations transforming into the
world’s second FASTEST growing economy in the world.
India is a giant and prospering market of middle class of 300 million
people. Indians are hungry for the latest consumer electronics.
And global brand names are eager to penetrate this market. Here's how.

Engaging China's workers 5:16

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China: a true economic miracle. In two generations, she has transformed from closed, agrarian society into workshop of the world. But with China's booming job market, workers are staying less loyal to one company. In fact, management consultancy Towers Perrin found that 3 of every 5 workers in China are at risk of leaving their jobs -- a trend also found in the US, UK and Japan. Towers Perrin warns companies which fail to attract, retain and engage their top talent face lower business performance. And more money is not always what workers want most.

Made in China 5:16

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Olympians Designed to Win. Beijing 2008. Some sports experts predict China for the first time will win the most medals in Olympic history. How are China's stars being manufactured by China's "sports factories?" How much fame and fortune can they enjoy in a communist state? And why are some champions leaving China to help athletes in other nations?
Here's the story of champions from past and present.

 Flextronics: Printers & Copiers 6:30

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If you use a famous, brand-name printer or copier, most likely it was made by one company. Find out why brand names go to Flextronics to design, build and ship their products.

 Flextronics Logistics 6:45

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To compete, global brand names must speed up time to market and lower costs. How? By streamlining their supply chain. And that's why global brand names are partnering with one company - Flextronics - which provides a one stop shop - from Design to Build to Ship. And when it comes to Ship, Flextronics offers what no rivals offer.

 Flextronics Mechanicals 4:32

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Did you ever buy a brand name electronics product for the way it looks and feels? Learn why brand name makers manufacture their goods knowing that buyers will choose products based on the right aesthetics.

 Flextronics Doumen / Shanghai 5:18

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Most of the world's top brand names farm out their production. They know that outsourcing is the key to streamline their operations, reduce costs and reach consumers quickly. That's why they partner with Flextronics. It provides a
One Stop shop -- from Design to Build to Ship. And the key to its success -- its industrial parks in low cost regions around the world. Here's the story of how Flextronics transformed a sleepy fishing village in China into one of the world's largest, vertically integrated, industrial parks

Flextronics components 4:43

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The mobile communications market is growing at an incredible pace. Consumers demand the latest in products, rich with features --.while being affordable. This is where Flextronics comes in. It is the world’s leading provider of electronics manufacturing services. One of the fastest growing units within the company is the Components Group. It designs, builds and markets complete microsystems, including camera modules and antennas, as well as other components for world leading OEMs. And when it comes to designing, manufacturing and shipping camera modules, the Flextronics Components Group is the world's no 1 leader.

OMD 11:26

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Where do the world's leading brands go to win their audience's hearts and minds? To the world's number one media communications specialist, OMD. In this special WorldBizWatch report, see how OMD helps brand names -- from McDonald's to Apple, and Visa to Cartier -- persuade consumers by entertaining them.

Starbucks 4:15

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Starbucks is the world's leading brand of gourmet coffee. But it sells more than just great coffee. Business Ethics Magazine has ranked Starbucks as one of the Top 100 Best Corporate Citizens for three straight years. Just one reason is the way it enables coffee drinkers to satisfy their addiction to coffee AND their conviction to help others. It's a lesson in Corporate Social Responsibility many companies are emulating.

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300K Subtitled in Chinese for China
300K Subtitled in Korean for Korea
300K Subtitled in Thai for Thailand
300K Subtitled in Bahasa for Malaysia and Indonesia

Xerox & Flextronics 6:30

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Xerox is the legendary innovator in documents. And it has produced what the Wall Street Journal says “could be one of the biggest turnarounds in business history.” Xerox is able to pioneer again by focusing on its core business. The secret: Outsourcing to FLEXTRONICS, the brand name manufacturer behind the world's leading brand names.

Sony Ericsson & Flextronics 4:40

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Sony Ericsson is the joint venture between two of the world's leading brand names. Together, their mobile phones represent some of the most innovative designs in the market. They can focus on their core expertise of R&D, designing and marketing because they outsource the manufacturing to one partner - Flextronics. Learn how Flextronics takes care of the dirty work of running factories so that brand names can do what they do best - pioneer the next best thing.

Accenture and Neptune Orient Lines 7:55

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The world's best companies compete and win by doing what they do best and finding good partners to do the rest. That's the story of Neptune Orient Lines and Accenture. NOL now focuses on its core expertise of shipping and transportation, while Accenture takes care of NOL's back office functions - finance and accounting. See how they've teamed up in Shanghai to create a model partnership.

Asian Fusion 19:00 (Intro 2:30)

(Long Version) 19:00 300K ; Introduction 2:30 300K
FOR BROADCASTERS, we produce and distribute programs that educate, inform and entertain audiences around the world. Checkout the latest edition of our new magazine show "Asian Fusion."

Best Buy & Radio Shack 6:21

400K, 100K and 400K, 100K Subtitled in Chinese for China
Why are the world's biggest buyers, such as Radio Shack and Best Buy, going to Shanghai? Is it because this booming city of 17 million is the Paris of China and Queen of the Orient? Partly. But mostly because it's China's economic powerhouse on the east coast. And the city where overseas buyers prefer to source for product from China - directly from the source.

Canadian Institute of Business & Technology 5:55

China has the fastest growing economy in the world. Multinationals and Chinese companies alike desperately need skilled workers and trained managers. But there is a severe shortage. That is changing now, thanks to one of the largest western business schools in China.

China Light & Power 4:12

China Light & Power
Hong Kong is Asia's world class city, driven by some of the most dynamic business leaders, and some of the best businesses. But one business stands out: CLP (China Light & Power), one of the most reliable power utilities in the world. Find out why it earned the highest honor for Best Quality Management, according to the Hong Kong Management Association.

Carrefour 6:41

Carrefour is the #2 retailer in the world, #1 in Europe. Find out how and where buyers like Carrefour discover the newest gifts and home products for their global customers.

Standup Intro 1:29

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WorldBizWatch Video Greetings from Farland Chang & Lorraine Hahn!

WorldBizWatch Music Montage 1:23

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New! Here is a montage of video highlights from some of our recent productions.

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Best Streaming Media in Asia 5:09

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Streaming Media in Asia: Broadband is sizzling hot in Asia. In countires such as Korea and Japan, Asians are much more wired to the high speed web than North Americans - with up to 40% more usage. Broadband allows for high quality streaming media - which means rich media - audio and video - distributed over the web to your TV, PCs and PDAs. Join Farland Chang & Lorraine Hahn on this dynamic tour of the hottest content that consumers want to buy - from Asian movies to pay-per-view sports.

MEDICAL: China's high tech leader 5:09

300K, 100K, and 300K (Subtitled in Japanese)
One of the biggest problems facing China's 1.3 billion people: shortage of
blood. The supply of blood is low, clean blood even lower. One estimate says
the chance of contracting AIDS during a blood transfusion in a hospital is
one in 2000 compared to the USA, where it's one in 420-thousand. China's
leading maker of high tech medical equipment is now attacking the problem -
with R&D from top scientists, support from the state, and partnership with
the world leader, General Electric.

Rotary International (Long version) 9:37

This is a story of hope, faith and what happens when people help other people. An inspirational story of a doctor, his deaf daughter, and his passion to help millions of hearing impaired people live up to all they can be. Also a story of how a global civic organization lives up to its motto: Service Above Self.

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Kodak 11:51

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New Story! In China, 85% of Chinese households do not yet own a camera. And that's why China is the most attractive new market for Eastman Kodak. Kodak is the world's premier brand in traditional and digital imaging. And in China, it is a manufacturer, investor, partner, retail leader, brand and market leader, exporter and role model.
China now represents the No.2 roll film market for Kodak. Kodak's consumers are China's mainstream: families, spenders, tourists, homeowners, shoppers, those who aspire to the above. And Kodak, with the leadership position in China, is well-positioned for the future.

New World Property 8:13

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New Story! Hong Kong is the world's most populated city. Like sardines, more than eight million people are packed into a few square kilometer miles. Throughout Hong Kong's history, scarce land has fueled Hong Kong's property market, and pumped up the economy. And blazing the trail to Hong Kong's prosperity is New World Development. Established in 1970, New World has become one of Hong Kong's leading conglomerates, with total assets exceeding US$15 billion. Learn how New World has expanded from property to services, infrastructure and telecommunications - through acquisitions and startups.

TV Commercial "VIP" 0:46

New Story!

Shui On Property 1:01

New Story!

Fairlane Tower 2:54

300K, 100K
New Story!
In the real estate industry, property owners are always looking for innovative new ways to attract and retain good tenants. And one of the most competitive markets is in Hong Kong. One property owner has innovated a program that rewards loyal tenants with an Award Plan. It's similar to an Airline Frequent Flier Program: the longer you stay, the more prizes you win, including vacation trips to Australia, Vietnam and Thailand.

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BFR Boots

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While the War in Iraq is now over...soldiers, civilians and peacekeepers still face the deadly threat of landmines. But one Asian company is manufacturing a new combat boot that can save lives and limbs: "crash helmets for your feet."

(Medium version) 4:55 300K,100K, PocketPC, Quicktime
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Landmines have been described as "weapons of mass destruction - in slow motion." Princess Diana brought to the world's attention how landmines kill or maim one human every 22 minutes. In response, a new "blast and fragment resistant" combat boot is on the market. Learn how it's made of more than 10 layers of bullet proof material.

DB Tronix 4:12
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One of China's most popular TV programs is a 3D animated cartoon called "BlueCat." It teaches young people about science. Find out why 100 million viewers are tuning in every weekday.

Fujikon 5:20
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Fujikon makes headphones, headsets and speakers for customers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Fujitsu.. How did it grow from nothing into the world's biggest supplier?

Hong Kong Polytechnic University 3:49
300K,100K, PocketPC
For schools, information is their most important asset. And for students and staff to be more creative, they need more digital space. How can schools keep up with the demand? What happens if a disaster strikes and schools lose this data? Learn how one of the world's top Design Schools has found the answer. 

Bank of East Asia 4:08
300K,100K, PocketPC
After 9/11, businesses around the world woke up to the real danger of facing a disaster. For banks, one of the biggest concerns is what happens if they lose their data? Find out how Hong Kong's biggest family owned retail bank is preparing for the worst. 

Agricultural Bank of China 10:58

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New Story! China's open door policy enables banks to play an increasingly important role in the economy. The state-owned commercial banks form the mainstream in mainland China's banking system. There are also policy banks, urban commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, and foreign financial institutions. With revenues exceeding US$250 billion, Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is China's largest commercial bank and one of the Global 500. Learn how this bank is playing a pivotal role in helping China create new wealth.

Kingfisher 6:30
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Kingfisher is Europe's #1 home improvement chain. How does it source nearly one billion dollars of products from around the world?

80-20 video 2:30
How are Asian Americans of all stripes - business people, academics and students - teaming up to form one of the most effective political lobbying groups in the US? Through a group called 80-20. The name stands for its goal of delivering an 80% bloc vote of Asian American voters - which no Asian American political group has ever been able to do. Meet the President, former Lieutenant Governor Delaware, SB Woo.

China Light & Power (60 second vignettes)
China Light & Power (60 second vignettes)
Hong Kong is Asia's world class city, driven by some of the best businesses. And one business stands out: CLP (China Light & Power). Watch these 60-second vignettes to see how CLP is one of the most reliable power utilities in the world; how it teaches consumers to save money and use energy wisely; how it fosters Hong Kong's best and brightest to innovate; and how its people protect the environment. You can also see these video vignettes playing in Chinese on buses and trains all over Hong Kong.

YOU are the MESSAGE! 0:30
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How much does your audience listen to your words? Learn why YOU are the MESSAGE!

The media can be friend, not foe! 0:32
250K,100K, PocketPC
Many businesses fear the media. But if you understand their need for a good story, the media can be friend, not foe!

Jollibee (China Market) 4:15

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It's known as Southeast Asia's version of McDonald's. In the Philippines, Jollibee is beating McDonald's at its own game. It's one of Asia's most well-managed and admired companies. Now, this family run business is ready to bite into the lucrative markets of China and the U.S.

300K, 100K (Short Version, 2:18)

Jollibee (US Market) 5:28

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Global Sources (English version 2002) 6:31

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Here's the story of a 22-year-old American who formed what Forbes magazine ranks as one of the world's top 20 small companies in the year 2001. With a one-way ticket to Asia, US$25 in his pocket, a suitcase in one hand and a degree from Thunderbird in the other, Merle Hinrichs created a global online marketplace where the world's biggest shoppers - such as Kmart and Wal-Mart - do their shopping.

300K, 100K (Short Version, 2:04)

Global Sources (Chinese version 2002) 6:50

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Here's the story of a 22-year-old American who formed what Forbes magazine ranks as one of the world's top 20 small companies in the year 2001. With a one-way ticket to Asia, US$25 in his pocket, a suitcase in one hand and a degree from Thunderbird in the other, Merle Hinrichs created a global online marketplace where the world's biggest shoppers - such as Kmart and Wal-Mart - do their shopping.  

Global Sources (English version 2000) 6:29
300K,200K,100K, PocketPC ,RealPlayer

Global Sources (Chinese version 2000) 6:48
300K,200K,100K, PocketPC ,RealPlayer
Here's the story of a 22-year-old American who formed what Forbes magazine ranks as one of the world's top 20 small companies in the year 2001. With a one-way ticket to Asia, US$25 in his pocket, a suitcase in one hand and a degree from Thunderbird in the other, Merle Hinrichs created a global online marketplace where the world's biggest shoppers - such as Kmart and Wal-Mart - do their shopping.

Global Sources (short version) 3:42

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Here's the story of a 22-year-old American who formed what Forbes magazine ranks as one of the world's top 20 small companies in the year 2001. With a one-way ticket to Asia, US$25 in his pocket, a suitcase in one hand and a degree from Thunderbird in the other, Merle Hinrichs created a global online marketplace where the world's biggest shoppers - such as Kmart and Wal-Mart - do their shopping.

SE Global (Short version) 4:24

200K, 100K, 56K, PocketPC

Venture capitalist Bill Burnham says on Wall Street "The dark secret is that retail investors are known as the 'dumb' money." He's talking about investors who trade stocks through online brokers. Forbes magazine warns investors that you face "a terrible disadvantage to the Wall Street pros who handle your accounts, because (your) financial interests often are pitted directly against (theirs)." Meet one company that says it can help you turn the table and create your own "unfair advantage."

SE Global (long version) 6:05

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AsiaLogic (long version) 6:18
300K, 200K, 100K , PocketPC ,RealPlayer
AsiaLogic. Two friends born in Taiwan, educated at Harvard, now back in Asia. They're targeting the $80 billion dollar market for IT and other business services in Asia, by giving businesses a smarter way to buy the services they need.

AsiaLogic (short version) 4:39

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IL-DO Tae Kwon Do 10:14

48.4 MB 320*240 20.4MB

How to succeed in life? One way: through the practice of Tae Kwon Do. And one of the world's best teachers is Grand Master Chang Jin Kang - 9th degree black belt and 2-time world record holder. His son Daniel and their team of distinguished black belts are among the teachers at the IL-DO TKD Association in Irvine, California. They guide students towards greater self-confidence and discipline while improving their balance, coordination and flexibility. This school has positively touched the lives of thousands for more than 26 years. Here are some highlights.

e-KONG preview 0:30

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In Chinese, kong means harbor. And e-kong is building a harbor - an electronic one that brings buyers and sellers together. Online customers can pick and mix products and services to suit their needs. And vendors can target their audiences through "service portals." e-Kong gives customers greater choice and better prices while saving service providers the cost of sales, billing, and collection. e-kong is led by a rugby player who believes everyone can win in this game.

Zheng He 2:48

Windows Media 

China's Great Armada: 600 years ago, during the great Ming Dynasty, China's Admiral Zheng He led a mighty fleet that reshaped an empire. He launched the first of seven epic voyages that would make him the greatest seafarer in China's history. As National Geographic's own legendary photographer Michael Yamashita shows us, the Admiral's voyages took place almost a century before Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas and Vasco da Gama's in India. Even then the European expeditions would seem paltry by comparison: All the ships of Columbus and da Gama combined could have been stored on a single deck of a single vessel in the fleet that set sail under Zheng He. This commander was, without question, the most towering maritime figure in the 4,000-year annals of China, a visionary who imagined a new world and set out consciously to fashion it.

Marco Polo 1:55

Windows Media  

Marco Polo & His Travels: Marco Polo is perhaps the world's most famous and fascinating explorer. He travelled through a still- mythical Asia for twenty-four years in the thirteenth century. Join acclaimed National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita on Marco's journey across two continents. And along the way, relive Marco's legendary expedition from Italy to China, his homeward sea journey via Sumatra and India, and ultimately, his role in bridging east and west.

Greetings from Farland Chang in Beijing! 1:00

Greetings from former CNN Anchor Farland Chang!

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Greetings from Farland Chang in Beijing!

Greetings from former CNN/CNBC Anchor Bill Hartley! 0:21

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Greetings from former CNN/CNBC Anchor Bill Hartley!

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