Our Mission: Telling Stories with Lasting Impact


WorldBizWatch is a Video Production & Media Strategy Company. We help Media Outlets & Business Clients harness the Magic of Storytelling. It's the oldest form of communication, with the power to inspire, influence and transform. If a Picture is worth 1000 words, then a Story is worth 1000 pictures.

Our team of storytellers comes from global media brands such as CNN, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.

For media outlets, we produce and distribute world-class, award-winning content that entertains, educates and informs. We also work with sponsors to customize content that builds and advances their brand.

For corporate & government clients, who must convey key messages to their audience, we help package these stories - with lasting impact. We craft these stories in colorful, compelling and credible ways. And we can distribute this content.

We also empower our clients to become the best Messengers for their Message. Through the Art of Storytelling, leaders bring their ideas to life and move their audiences.


We serve as a production arm for global TV networks. We work with broadcasters to give their audiences unique, premium quality programming, while also giving sponsors creative ways to build their brands. To see how global brand names are now producing their own shows to promote their brands, click here to see the story in Business Week, and here for a report in New York Times.


We remember 10% of what we read, 50% of what we see & hear. That's why we help businesses, governments and nonprofit groups package their message into video format. One highly effective storytelling style is similar to the success stories that our team produced at CNN.

We also help our clients distribute their message through free and paid media, reaching millions around the world. To win free media, our partner -- thenewsmarket -- helps us make our client's news releases and video b-roll available 24/7 to more than
16,000 news outlets in nearly 200 countries.

With paid media, clients can control their message on broadcast stations, global airlines and other venues for sponsored video.

Clients also use their packaged videos as tools for sales/marketing/PR/investor relations. They can distributed on CDROMs, in press kits, played at trade shows and narrowcast & video emailed over the web.


Publicity in the media can be priceless. As media guru Al Ries notes in his best seller, many well-known brands have been built with virtually no advertising at all: Starbucks, Microsoft, Intel, The Body Shop, eBay, Palm, Harry Potter, Red Bull, Amazon.com, Yahoo! Pokemon, Viagra, Wal-Mart. Good PR helped them win the hearts and minds of their audience; advertising helped defend that position. To many groups, one of their most important customers is the media. Through media training, we help our clients "think like journalists." We help them match their message with the media's hunger for a good story. And this helps our clients build win-win relations with the media and achieve 3rd party endorsements.

These 3rd party endorsements are much more credible than advertising - and a lot cheaper! But companies need to know how to match their message with the media's hunger for a good story. And that's our expertise.


Half the talking most of us do is in the course of our jobs. And we are judged not just by what we say but how we say it. Our audience often forms a lasting impression of us in the first three minutes. And if we fail to convey a good impression, we fail to communicate. We empower our clients to become powerful storytellers who can ignite people into action.


In both training programs, we help our clients in both style and substance. We work with them on their message - and their ability as messenger. This is vital considering how audiences interpret a speaker's message just 7% on the literal words, 93% on the nonverbal communication (UCLA). So no matter how scripted we are when facing potential customers, investors or analysts, if they don't trust us, they tend not to trust our message. So, in effect, YOU are the message. And our prospects don't necessarily buy how good we are at what we do. They buy how good we are at WHO WE ARE.

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